You are about to fill up a detailed FIVE PAGE form. Unfortunately, computer forms aren't very tolerant, and our design (and IT budget) don't allow for much validation, so

we're trusting you to take great care
and give this form your complete attention
while filling it up.

Please try to get everything right the first time ALL THE WAY through all FIVE PAGES. While these forms aren't forgiving, we are, so we'll work with you to get all the information we need before camp starts. Our testers were able to complete this series of forms in six minutes or less.

If you intend to apply for a scholarship, please, before continuing to register, familiarize yourself with our Scholarship Policies and download and print the scholarship application form.

To register for camp you will need

  1. Parent guardian name, mailing address, email address ( ¡ required ! ), summer contact information, and number of campers
  2. Camper names, birthdates including year, and swimming ability
  3. Camp weeks to be attended (and here we earnestly solicit a donation to help other children)
  4. Permissions, emergency contacts, your preferred hospital, physician and phones, insurance company and policy number, and allergies if any ( ¡ required ! )
  5. A payment method: mailing us a check or by credit card or PayPal

Please note that registrations without a completed permissions and supplementary information form will not be recorded. This is very important to us, and to our campers' health and safety.


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Once you have assembled all this information,

and press the button below:
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