Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp grew out of a need for responsibly supervised and engaging summer activities for the children of West Marin. Since 1993, the camp has brought together the best of what the area has to offer: bountiful natural beauty and talented artists, teachers, and young adults willing to share their gifts with children ages post-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Drawing on the abundant natural resources that surround Bolinas and Stinson Beach, California, we pack four weeks each summer with day programs (and a few overnights!) filled with indoor and outdoor activities. Under the direction of Kathy Bustamante, the camp has earned its reputation for safe, high-quality programming that leaves each of us looking forward to the summer all year long.

Camp Director Kathy Bustamante (right) loves the summer



20 days
to camp

Registration opens on March 15th for permanent West Marin residents!

2024 Camp Prices



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