2024 Overnight Dates: July 12th & 26th

Directions: turn in at the Peace Barn, go left before first building and follow road back to parking.

This year’s dates are: Fridays, July 12th and 26th

These are favorite events for us…Bring your Talent!

Paddle in will be considered for campers in groups 4 & 5 only, and limited by the number of boats for one paddle-in. We have lots of canoes and many kayaks so hope to fit all who want to come this way.

Older campers who want to boat in meet at the dock at 5:30. Begin to boat in.

Campers not boating can be driven in with gear to campsite at 6:00 – Counselors will meet you and help set up or play games – snacks available


Warning to parents about parking: 

There is limited space for parking alongside the road down to the campsite. When these spaces are full, all other cars must move to the front parking area at the entrance, or further down the road at the school. 


6:30 – All campers at the site

Dinner and dessert 7:00 – 8:30 in group shifts. 8:30 Talent Show. 9:30 campers in bed.

Morning: breakfast, pack up, pick up, and move out by 9:00!

scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022


Gear List for Lagoon Overnights

  • Tent to share – plan ahead for tent-mates
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flashlight
  • Warm hat
  • Warm jacket
  • PJ’s
  • Change of clothes for next day
  • Towel if entering site by boat
  • Toothpaste/brush
  • Water bottle!!!!
  • Plastic/metal/otherwise unbreakable: plate, bowl, fork, spoon
  • Books, yes, but No Electronic Devices, i.e. no cell phones, no game devices
  • Talent!!!!

scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022

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