Our mission is to provide the children of West Marin and beyond with memorable camp experiences that will affect them positively throughout their lives and strengthen the communities in which we live.


20 days
to camp

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scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022

We rely on the abundant natural resources . . . as well as the imaginations of our many talented counselors and staff. The result is three decades of four weeks of outdoor programming (plus two overnights!) filled with a multitude of adventurous explorations and engaging activities.

The camp has grown to be a summertime tradition anticipated by local campers young and old, their parents and grandparents! Under the direction of Kathy Bustamante, BSSC has earned its reputation as a safe, high-quality program that leaves us looking forward to summer all year long.



scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022

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