Our 2024 Camp Season begins on Tuesday, July 9th
and ends on Friday, August 2nd.


-3 days
to camp

Our Gifted Staff

is made up of local people who have talents and passions they love sharing with our campers. Whether it’s a ranger from the park, a gardener sharing her garden, a naturalist joining a hike, a marine biologist at the tide pools, bird specialists at the PRBO field station, a visiting artist, or an expert trip guide, our staff and instructors are accomplished and very kid friendly.

Our counselors

are a hand-picked group of bright local youth. Most have been campers for many years before. All are dedicated to keeping their campers safe and happy during their days in camp, and share training in first aid and CPR, group dynamics, and games, games, games, before camp starts.    


Plans for 2024!

Plans for Summer 2024 are nearly complete, but you can bet that our 31st anniversary camp will brim with memorable experiences. Yahoo!

This in addition, of course, to all the activities developed over our many years of summer camping.



Weeks 1 & 3: Overnights on the Lagoon

Hiking in Samuel P. Taylor State Park

Mask-Making, Painting

Outdoor-installation art

Movement & Dance, Costumes and Improv

Work with the Lagoon Restoration program’s Kent Island invasive plant removal

Science-based experiments in nature

Boogie Boarding and Surfing at the beach
(bring your own board)

Swim and romp at Kent Island
Head for the Mud Hole!

Build driftwood forts, forest nests, fairy houses, tree nests, miniature shelter-scapes, clothing as shelter

Kayaking and canoeing on the Lagoon
to take in the wonder of this prized Estuary

Rousing matches of pickleball and hockey
 at the tennis court

Day hikes from the top of Mt Tam

Games in the park and
a swim at Stinson Beach

Trips to Point Reyes Seashore – Visitor Center for younger, Limantour and Heart’s Desire Beaches for older campers

RCA Beach from Agate Beach
tide-pooling, fort-building, beach art

Hiking and exploring the newt ponds at the Martin Griffith Preserve

Trips to the magic Ink Wells
in Samuel P. Taylor State Park

Games of all kinds at Mesa Park

Pizza in the Park

Obstacle courses on the beach

Downtown Mural painting

Visits to the goat family

Visits to the Firehouse to meet Chief Krakauer and climb into the trucks

Sidewalk drawings downtown

PRBO trips for younger campers – walk the mist net trails with bird experts, check out the collection of bird specimens, and learn about our local bird populations.

Spontaneous merriment for all

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