Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp strives to offer equal opportunity to all. To serve our communities we believe that we must be able to offer our program to all who wish to attend, regardless of race, gender, religion, color, sexual orientation, or income. We are dedicated to raising scholarship funds to meet the needs of our many local low-income families and we are proud to have done so for every one of our 30 seasons. We are pleased to be among the many non-profits who have signed the West Marin Non-Profit Equity Statement.

Late Pick-Up from Camp

All camp days begin at 9:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM. Counselors are not paid beyond 3:15. Please be sensitive to this! Please contact counselors by cell phone if you are late. The weekly schedule has a complete list of counselors and their cell contacts. If you do not make contact with counselors, you are responsible to pay them $1.00 for each additional minute after 3:20 that you are late! This policy is based on many, many minutes of waiting with campers without notice from parents.

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Supplemental Information / Emergency Form

We absolutely cannot accept any child to camp unless we have completed Supplemental and Emergency Information on file. This information should be entered during the registration process. Alternatively, paper forms will be provided upon request for those unable to complete online registration.

Camp & Covid

We are optimistic that the lifting of all covid restrictions indoors and out will last through this summer and onward! Should there be a change in this status, we will inform you of any new guidelines we need to follow during our time together. We remain sympathetic to any child who chooses to wear a mask during their time in camp, and will do everything possible to make him/her comfortable with that choice.

Cancellation Policy - before camp

In order to provide adequate camp staffing to insure a fun and safe camp experience, BSSC has formulated the following cancellation/change policy:

Cancellation before June 15th = 50% refund of camp tuition.

Cancellation after June 15th = NO refunds of camp tuition.

Changes During Camp

  • Missed days of camp are not refunded or transferable (e.g. missed Friday and want to come back next week for a day).
  • No tuition refund will be made in connection with late arrivals, early withdrawals, or camp dismissals due to inappropriate conduct. Tuition will not be reduced or refunded for the discontinuation of camp attendance due to illness or non-camp related injuries.
  • Overnight fees are non-refundable.
  • Children enrolled under conditional circumstances will receive pro-rated tuition refund, where applicable, for days following dismissal.

Cancellation presents a “Catch22” situation for all of us. We must hold registrations in trust so our camp can operate successfully and continue to do so year after year and hope no one will need to cancel any part of the camp experience.

For the purposes of Dependent Care Credit, BSSC’s EIN is 27-3364891 .

Thank you for your understanding!

Kathy Bustamante

scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022

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