Camp Heroes of 2023

Each summer we receive many valuable donations of time, effort, space and money from local individuals and organizations. Here we give thanks to these generous individuals and resources that provide critical support to the success of our program. We are profoundly grateful to the following:

The Mesa Park Board for allowing us to inhabit the Downtown and Mesa Parks as our bases of activities.

The Bolinas Community Center for being our fiscal sponsor for all our 29 years!

Susie Thompkins Buell who has generously allowed us to camp on her beautiful lagoon-front property for our overnights these many years!

Nick O’Conner for donating his time to give our staff a greatly practical and relevant training on water and boat safety in and around the lagoon. 

John Norton for generously allowing us to use his truck for transporting boats to the dock and camping gear to our overnight campsite.

Sarah Warnock for spending time with campers who were wildly intrigured with delving into microscopically viewing the pond critters at Star Route Farm, and for her energetic support and involvement in the camp since we were stationed at the Com Marine Biology Lab. 

The Bolinas Fire Department for giving counselors our annual training in CPR and first aid, as well as spending time with our campers sharing information about the workings of a fire engine and giving campers an exciting ride around the mesa.

Jennifer Brahm for her generous treats of delicious Its-Its desserts for all on our overnight as well as treating counselors to an after-camp-day Buffalo Soft-serve from the Coast Cafe! Yay for ice cream!!

The Parkside Café for generously treating each group of campers to soft serve ice cream on our trips to Stinson Beach! That’s a lot of ice cream!!!

scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022

Ab and the Bolinas Market for magnanimously allowing us to store our food supplies in their refrigeration room.

The interns at Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO) who spent time with our campers walking the mist-net walk and sharing engaging information about our local and visiting bird populations.

Bolinas Rod and Boat Club for allowing us to conduct our water safety training in the R&B Clubhouse.

The wonderful librarians at the Bolinas and Stinson Libraries who entertained our campers with stories and activities each week!

The many towns-people who generously offered their kayaks and canoes for us to use in the lagoon. 

Leslie Kruth for the donation of flowers from her garden for our wacky wild pirate/cowgirl wedding finale. 

The Point Reyes National Seashore rangers for their friendly and engaging presentations to our campers during our four weeks.

Finally, the camp is eternally grateful for the tremendously supportive work of both Angie Calpestri, bookkeeper, troubleshooter, eternally generous human and friend, and Michael Potts our website rangler-magician, also eternally generous human and delightful dear friend. 

Something so good can only happen with the generous support of people who care. This is the stuff that keeps us going year after year. This is why we’re so very grateful! 

Thank you!

scene from BSSC 2022 scene from BSSC 2022

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