Camp Heroes of 2017

Each summer we receive many valuable donations of time, effort, space and money from local individuals and organizations. We’d like to express our gratitude for such critical support for the success of our program.

Aenor Sawyer
and Melinda Griffith for again generously offering their fleet of kayaks to camp! Susie Buell for ONCE AGAIN allowing us to spend happy overnights on her magical lagoon property! Fletcher and Perry Hooper for friendly attention in preparing the lagoon site for our overnight events!Cayman Ackerman of Big Mesa Farm for hosting our youngest campers, guiding them through the massive fields chock full of vegetables and flowers on their way to market, and offering us a bounty to take home to share with family!

Sandy Doss for again being our helpful campus guardian!

Ben Lowrance for his mighty help with our spiral herb garden project at the school.

Keith Hanson for his continued support of camp and donations of West Marin Coins for our scholarship fund.

Samira Nassrah for her multiple donations of West Marin Coins to our scholarship fund and her generous supportive spirit towards our kids!

All the great folks at the Bolinas Hardware Store for donating the wood and offering help with tools and time for our project to provide local businesses with bright signs limiting parking time in their dedicated parking spaces.

The Coastal Marin FundRichard Kirshman and Doris Ober – for empowering local folks and visitors to join in local philanthropic deeds.

Our many local Private Donors for generously supporting our large group of scholarship families!

The Bolinas-Stinson Beach Fund for granting funds for scholarships, training and special projects including pizza-making in the park and our first-ever swimming classes!

The West Marin Fund for supporting scholarships, website enhancement and a new promotional video!

West Marin Community Services for scholarship support!

Eliah Howath from the Bolinas Museum for touring the current exhibit with campers and sharing her knowledge of our town’s history and culture.

Laurie Riley for donating her time to teach rousing rounds of improv training with campers.

Bruce Bowser, our local tide-pool guide from the Farollons Institute, who roamed the reef at Agate Beach to uncover it’s hidden treasures with our little ones.

The Martin Griffith Preserve, along with docent Meg Simonds and nature guide Anwyn Cunha, for enthusiastically hosting our youngest campers at the newt ponds.

Jasmin Sanchez Garcia and Hattie Pohlman for volunteering their friendly energy and time as assistant counselors to our younger campers.

Mariam Guzman and Kestral Cramer, two campers whose ambitious bake sale raised close to $300 towards a horseback riding activity for their group.

Kate Bimrose for providing opportunities for campers to join with biologists to learn and help in the lagoon Restoration Project on Kent Island.

Point Blue for hosting campers on the mist net walks, sharing their collection of bird specimens, and helping us to understand more about our local bird populations.

And, (last but not least!), my dear friend, Michael Potts of Caspar Institute, for the many hours focused on enhancing our website, making it more user-friendly, prettier than ever, and enjoying every minute of his work for the camp!

To all of you a mighty THANK YOU from all of us