Following data is based on 2017
and may change before the dates.

Week 1 – Friday JULY 13 until 9am Saturday
Week 3 – Friday JULY 27 until 9am Saturday

In addition, a special overnight back-packing experience is being contemplated for older campers. More information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

These are exciting overnights with kayaks and canoes on the Bolinas Lagoon for our camp. We are offering this experience to all our campers and invite camper parents and grandparents to join us in our first overnight session.

A head count is essential by the Wednesday before each overnight, so please confirm that you are coming with counselors or Kathy by then.

* The size of our camper group for these overnights requires that we have Groups 1 & 2 campers go directly to the campsite and be joined by older campers arriving in boats.

Directions to the site: Turn in at the gate where you see the big peace sign on the barn on the Bolinas-Olema Rd. Follow the wood chip road to the parking area and park before reaching the campsite. Do not drive all the way into the site to unload, please.

Campers in Groups 3 & 4 will gather at 5:30 P.M. at the Marine Biology Dock where campers and staff will take shifts to depart in kayaks and canoes for the short paddle to our campsite. Gear will be taken from the dock and transported by truck to the site at that time. Kids, staff and family members will meet to set up tents, prepare dinner, and return to the water for a paddle before dark if conditions allow. The evening will close around the campfire with a roasting of marshmallows, music, and a story or two and a talent show. We may have to share kayaks and take shifts on the water depending on how many boats we can gather. If you have access to a canoe or kayak for the night, please let Kathy know ahead of time.

Dinner and breakfast will be provided by the camp.

In the morning after breakfast we will pack up camp, say our farewells to departing campers, and be off by 9:00 sharp. Please be at the site for pick-up before 9:00.

Please check the OVERNIGHT GEAR LIST well in advance, so you can come to camp well outfitted!

Parents are invited to join our Week 1 lagoon overnight. Parents who want to join the Week 3 overnight must make arrangements with Kathy. We want a limit parental presence during this second overnight experience.

Parents who join us must be willing to lend a hand with the tasks of dinner preparations and clean-up, gear transport, or camper transport at the end of the overnight. We do appreciate all the help we get!!!

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